Thursday, December 30, 2010

Li, Li, Li! 2010 Accomplishments & 2011 Goals

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Some of our sustainable activities and accomplishments in 2010 included:

  • Training readers, creating training seminars for staff at transitional centers, and camp council committee members, on how to read out loud to children;
  • Creating questions specific to each book to help children develop listening and analytical skills;
  • Writing a Li, Li, Li! storybook for children in the U.S. and Haiti;
  • Creating a child-directed cholera flyer and briefing sessions;
  • Partnering with grassroots and other organizations to collaborate and share resources;
  • Assisting camp committees in securing necessary resources such as medical care, water, tents, etc.;
  • Educating and sensitizing the public via press releases and media on the plight of children living in the camps;
  • Creating a series of feedback forms and reports used for analysis & evaluation of our program;
  • Partnering with elementary schools throughout the United States where students have donated books, art, and poems;
  • Making presentations to children and schools in the United States about Li, Li, Li! and Haiti.

Goals for 2011 include:

  • Creating a Creole language manual teaching Reading Out Loud to Children skills with a suggested list of appropriate books;
  • Continuing to work on our Li, Li, Li! children’s book and publish it for wide distribution;
  • Greater incorporation of the Creole alphabet in the Li, Li, Li! reading session and the introduction of activity sheets that teach literacy and development of cognitive skills;
  • Employing a part-time health layperson to work on strengthening our cholera education and resource component;
  • Developing better and more efficient access to cholera related resources for camps;
  • Continuing to participate and monitor centers where we have trained their staff to read out loud to monitor and strengthen success and continuity;
  • Expanding our puppet making and creation of art to accompany books;
  • Incorporating more art, writing, and music activities that are literature or literacy centered;
  • Continuing to partner with schools in the United States and bring information about Haiti and Li, Li, Li! to students and their families.